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Absolutely Dry is a great company to help you with an odor problem which you may have in your home or office. We use state of the art, "green" technology to help eliminate any odors which you may have in your structure. We use a machine made by Odorox which employs safe, naturally occurring molecules called Hydroxyls. These special molecules not only deodorize the air but they also exit the machine to decontaminate surfaces and contents. We can help eliminate your structure's odor problem quickly and efficiently to help get your home or business smelling great again! Call us today at (219) 465-9339 or


Keep your business or home smelling fresh

- Smoke damage treatment

- Pet urine removal treatment

- Deodorizer

- "Green" odor removal techniques

- Decontamination of surfaces and contents

- Air filtration

- Sewage cleanup

- Ceiling and wall cleaning

- Content cleaning

Comprehensive odor services

Odor Removal

Fire and Water damage can create odors in your home if the cleanup is not done correctly. Smoke odor, and musty odors can linger and you might not even notice it, but your guests will!


Trust our experienced professionals to treat odors that result from the damage so that your home is just as fresh as it was before the incident occurred.

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For 24/7 Disaster Recovery Service related to Fire, Water, Wind and related Reconstruction, please visit our sister company at Above Board Construction






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