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Absolutely Dry's Operations Manager Mark Noto introduces us to portable heaters (or heat wagons) with some of their uses and benefits.


Absolutely Dry's Operations Manager, Mark Noto, explains some benefits on Commercial Dehumidifiers Over home Models. Drying out your home or business after a flood or water damage efficiently, using proper equipment presented to you by Absolutely Dry LLC. Your standard household dehumidifier and a commercial dehumidifier side by side with facts and stats.


Mark Noto Absolutely Dry's Operations Manager profiles portable power generators in this video.


If you are ever in need of emergency power due to an electrical outage please contact us at 866-324-9300 or visit us online at www.absolutelydry.net. We can also help you with your event power needs as well.



Absolutely Dry's Operations Manager, Mark Noto, introduces you to The Extreme Extractor. The Extreme Extractor is used for water extraction on carpet and pad. It is the best tool on the market for water extraction because it uses it's weight, the weight of the operator and it's self propelled motor to remove an abundant amount of water from saturated carpet and pad. By using The Extreme Extractor in a water damage emergency it helps save your carpet and pad with a much shorter dry time which also cuts down on mold growth. In turn this will save you the homeowner or business owner and/or insurance companies money by eliminating replacement costs.

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Absolutely Dry's Operations Manager, Mark Noto, explains a little bit about Air Scrubbers.


Absolutely Dry Introduction and information on air scrubbers/negative air machines for mold damage, fire damage, sewage damage or any other type of odor control issue or air quality issues.



Absolutely Dry Operations Manger Mark Noto talks about the uses and benefits of Thermal Foggers.